The APO App

Community service assistant for Alpha Phi Omega's Delta Zeta Chapter.

APO - Delta Zeta

This Android/iOS app interfaces with our chapter's Google Calendars and multiple Google spreadsheets as a native mobile interface for service project signup, event viewing, directories, and the reporting forms we use to run our membership infrastructure.


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The source code is available here on GitHub.

Support or Contact

Please report any bugs or feature recommendations to the App Suggestion Box.

Contact us at with any other questions or concerns. We are especially happy to help brothers from other chapters set up the infrastructure they need to produce similar apps. More information on building your own version can be found in the app wiki.

Authors and Contributors


Ronald Martin (@ronaldsmartin) and Dean Wilhelmi (@turniphead) originally conceived of and failed to build an "APbrO" Android app at Pennapps Spring 2013 to leverage the existing APO database. One semester and one iPhone app later, the original, highly hacky version of this app was born during the weekend of PennApps Fall 2014.

Nikila Dandapani (@nikilad) has been a contributor to graphic design since February 2014.




Other Contributors

Our Chapter

The Delta Zeta chapter is based at the University of Pennsylvania. Please visit our website for more information.



None of your personal information leaves your phone. Ever.


Your Facebook account is used only to populate brother photos in the directory details.