APO-DZ Name Formatter for Update Forms

Format copied spreadsheet columns to Dean's Google Forms format.



Dean's Google Forms make updating the APO Spreadsheet absurdly easy, but they require names in the checkbox solution to be in a specific format:

Last Name; First Name

Thus, when pledges are added or alumni are removed every semester, the Form needs to be updated with new names in this format. You can do this in about five seconds with any decent text editor with column select or regexp find/replace (e.g. Sublime Text), but non-developers tend not to have that sort of thing.

Now you can use this instead!


  1. Copy the first two columns of the spreadsheet by clicking and dragging the column names.
  2. Paste them in the box below.
  3. Delete the first two rows where the headers were.
  4. Open the Google Form you're updating.
  5. Optional: Delete the existing name checkboxes. (Probably faster if you want to alphabetize.)
  6. Select the formatted output below.
  7. In an empty checkbox field, copy the formatted output. The form should now have new checkboxes for every pasted name.

That's it! Seven steps because seven is the most significant number in arithmancy.

Use it!




Authors and Contributors

Dean (@turniphead) made all the Google Forms and Apps Scripts for interacting with the APO Spreadsheet. Ronald (@ronaldsmartin) made this and the mobile stuff. President Jackie pointed out that normal people don't have fancy text editors and is mostly to blame for this madness.

Support or Contact

Please email inquiries to developer@upennapo.org.