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Update 2016-10-05 This article has been updated to reflect some changes to tooling that fixes some of the problems mentioned below. Living Life on the “Edge” I’m currently building an Android app to remind me to take healthy breaks from starting at computer screens. For extra funsies, it’s built on the cutting edge of current fashionable Android technologies. Of particular note today, we have: MVP architecture using Dagger 2 for dependency injection, and Kotlin, the JVM language by JetBrains.

Is This Thing On?

My first blog post!

Ronald Martin

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Google Analytics - Pre-Site Revamp

Welcome to my Blog! This site is being built with Hugo, an awesome, Go-based static site generator. Since I work primarily on mobile platforms, what little I do know about web development has fallen off the wayside in the past couple of years. Hopefully, I can use this experience to catch up with the current state of affairs in webdev world. Using a static site generator perhaps isn’t quite the same as building a site from scratch, but let’s not reinvent the wheel, right?